Monday 9 December 2013

Progression Ever Onwards

So right now I've basically decided to have a couple of projects on the go, with the aim of a "Tale of a Gamer" of sorts attitude in mind. With these armies I'm not entirely certain what I want out of either of them or where to go with them. All I do know is I need my established characters in there at all times. So without further ado, projects!

Dark Elves - House Darkheart:

Ahh my first ever army and I always come crawling back!
As some of you probably already know I've been running a new, updated for 8th ed list for my Dark Elves lately, and they've been enjoying some good results. However the list is pretty much a stop-gap for me as I transition in. My overall aim is to have a damned effective list, but something I'm proud with. So I'm basically looking at (to start with):

Alkkrision w/20 Executioners
2x16 Crossbows w/Shields + Full Command

Basically gives me a solid start with some ranked units and bodies on the table, and something that'll look impressive once it's painted. Can decide where to go from there. The current challenge is just trying to decide how I'm going to go about doing this!

Orks - Blood Axes:

Fairly predictably it's been an on-going project for a long LONG time, except I keep getting distracted or outright bored with painting. So now I've gone back on the offensive, I've managed to (finally) finish my Meganobz unit! These are the guys who'll be in every one of my lists because damn it I love them! Next aim is to look at getting a Shoota Boyz unit finished. Already about 75% painted so I just need to get the damned things done. Will then have a unit of 20, which won't be much but leaves plenty of room to add to them!

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