Sunday 19 January 2014

New Year, New Ideas

So with the advent of Escalation/Stronghold Assault, there has been a huge upheaval in the 40K Metagame, with super heavies now more commonplace, fortifications abound, and all those shiny forge world gubbinz all over the place. Like it or not now, they're here to stay. Now I've been a happy enough camper about some of these as my Ork list has gotten a revamp, so now I'm just running a full on Dred Mob, for nothing more than a laugh, and playing bigger games to boot.
But this is a new year.. And now seems to be the perfect time to start cracking out something a little different. Is this the excuse we needed to finally start giving other game systems a crack?

Dystopian Wars
I've had my Antarctica fleet sat around for.. Well I'll be honest a good long while now. The game is something myself and my friend picked up a long time ago, but never got round to start playing or even painting them. Until now:
This is a work in progress shot of my fleet so far, which has quickly come together over just a couple of weekends. The starter box itself is now nearly finished, with just 3 Cruisers and 10 Tiny flyers left to paint. 
Once they're all done, I'll look to write up a full review for the starter set and how everything's performed so far.
Again this is something I picked up a long time ago, and used to dabble with Khador, but I was a small fish in a big pond, and basically getting taught by veterans (who'd proceed to just give me a kicking rather than actually bother help me learn the game) got me to back out. 
However as a result of increased interest in the club, I decided I'd have a second pop and have started a Skorne force. As it stood before the new year, I had around 35 points in my Xerxis tier list, but it's been completely unused. Again with a couple of friends wanting to get into it, taking time over it and learning together, I figured back to basics and have acquired the Skorne starter box. 

I've done a little experimenting, and whilst I've had no games with the starter box as of yet, fury and pain management seems to be the aim of the first turn or two whilst I move up to engage, making for what looks to be an interesting starter set!


Not much to tell here at the moment, aside from as stated before I switched to a Dred mob for a laugh! Here's the first finished Killa Kan :).

Bit of a shake-up all around this year then! The competitive gaming was a laugh the last couple of years, though it made the gaming somewhat serious. So the plan? Complete switch and play for a laugh. Once my Dred mob's done it'll be good for competitive games anyway I reckon, but it'll be my Orks so nigh on impossible to take seriously!
Focus for the next few months however will be on the non-GW stuff, which has so far proven to be a good laugh!

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