Sunday 20 October 2013

Sisters of Battle Update

As per usual, none of my things are ready for the Throne of Skulls so I decided I'm gonna take the Adepta Sororitas again, only this time with a twist as the brand new codex arrived this weekend!

So what's new, and how has my list been affected?! Well let's take a look! :).

1. Faith has once again been overhauled to make it very simple. Acts of Faith are still on a unit by unit basis. However they're now activated on a one use only basis by passing a leadership test. There are ways to increase the chance of success, and also ways to reuse Acts of Faith more than once by paying a points premium, which I'm going to do oddly enough. Also with the welcome return of Martyrdom, if a character with this rule dies, Faith goes off automatically if I so choose!

2. Psychic resistance is back at last, making it even easier to deny the heretics, heathens and witches!

3. Celestine got a much needed rebalancing in the view of a points increase and a one use only resurrection. Which is fine to me. Whilst the resurrection ability was amusing, I see the difference between my winning and my opponent not having a good game. On the upside however the bubble she provides for improved acts of faith, and a her Ardant Blade going back to it's old rules could prove useful to taking out infantry effectively!

4. Warlord traits and the welcome return of a wargear section adds some much needed dimension back to the army, with updates to old favourites like the Cloak of Saint Aspira and Simulacrum Imperialis.
5. Points juggling across the board. Oddly enough with the level of points increases and decreases, my army actually came back in around the same points cost! :).
6. Sisters of Battle squads return to 5-20, allowing characters to be placed back in squads with Rhinos, and Immolators allowed as Dedicated transports.

So those are the biggies, with plenty of other updates lurking around in the book. Downside it is digital only, which for me isn't ideal, I do enjoy my physical copies of books. Fine for any other book, but not something I'm flicking backwards and forwards through! Still..
So what does this mean for my army for the Throne of Skulls? Actually means with it still coming in at the same points cost I can run straight off the bat, although I have to lose my Heavy Flamer for a normal flamer. However I've decided with the changes to faith and with the Simulacrum Imperialis granting me a second use of my Act of Faith for very cheap, something's going to change. So now, behold!

Saint Celestine

6 Repentia (inc. Mistress of Repentance)

10 Sisters of Battle - 2 Flamers, Simulacrum Imperialis, Veteran Superior, Combi Flamer, Rhino.

10 Sisters of Battle - 2 Meltas, Simulacrum Imperialis, Veteran Superior, Combi Melta, Rhino.

10 Sisters of Battle - 2 Meltas, Simulacrum Imperialis, Veteran Superior, Combi Melta, Rhino.

8 Seraphim - 2 Hand Flamers.



8 Retributors - 4 Heavy Bolters, Veteran Superior, Stormbolter.

Aegis Line w/ Quad Gun.

Might need a bit more work as there's a couple of things I wanna squeeze in. The Repentia are more than likely going to have to lurk back now though in my back line due to their small number, which is far from ideal. However with an improved Act of Faith and still being a cheap suicide/counter attack unit, I think they'll still have a place over anything else!

Overall, I'm actually happy with the new book. Took out a bunch of stupid elements in favour of some very characterful and fun additions. Should hopefully serve me well!!

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