Sunday 26 May 2013

Waaagh! Badklaw

So this is the army I'll be working on for now! It's a big change from the battlewagon-heavy list I was using, being that it's now switched to a Green Tide, so it's very much subject to change. Had it's first run-out today, and I was fairly happy with the way it performed. So I present Waaagh! Badklaw!

Warboss Badklaw Beakiesmasha

Waaagh! Badklaw - Blood Axes 1500 Points (V2.2)
Warboss Badklaw - Mega Armour, Attack Squig, Cybork Body, Boss Pole.
Weirdboy Weirdbot v2.2 - Warphead

6 Meganobz - 4 Kombi Skorchas, 2 Kombi-Rokkits.
25 Shoota Boyz - Nob w/Power Klaw + Boss Pole.
25 Shoota Boyz - Nob w/Power Klaw + Boss Pole.
30 Gretchin - 3 Runtherds.
10 Gretchin - 1 Runtherd.

2 Warbuggies - Twin-linked Rokkits, Trakks.
2 Warbuggies - Twin-linked Rokkits, Trakks.

3 Kannons
3 Killa Kans - 3 Big Shootas.
3 Killa Kans - 3 Grotzookas.

Total - 1500 points

At the moment the list is very much a work in progress, though it did enjoy a little success vs. Dark Eldar today. Still, for getting a solid Ork force on the tabletop, painted, I think it's a fairly fun looking one with lots of targets, scoring units.. and heck, it's fun to play with the Weirdbot in there. Posted below is a general overview of the army on the tabletop. As I start working on each unit, I'll upload more detailed pictures.

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