Sunday 26 May 2013

So... Cracking On!

Well, it's been a while since I last posted on my old blog, so figured "What the hell, let's start again!"

Since I last started posting a couple of years ago, I've been really throwing myself more and more into the Warhammer 40K tournament scene, trying to get somewhere with it. Finally at the start of this year in January, I picked up my first acolade at the 40K Throne of Skulls (Bearer of the Flame for best Sisters of Battle), followed swiftly by another one for Single Most Heroic Act in this month's tournament.

So why am I posting these right now? Well for one, showing off. Naturally. But secondly (and this is the main reason), I want to show my main aims in my blog straight off the bat. I don't enjoy rocking up to tournaments with the likes of builds or net-lists. I like going in with an army I've built and tweaked over the months/years in order to create a solid fighting force capable of taking on any opponent, throwing out a whole bunch of tricks, and holding it's own against some of these horrible builds, which my Sisters of Battle have been capable of.

Current standings with Sisters of Battle in tournament games now are (out of 15 games):

12 Wins, 1 Draw, 2 Losses.

This has even been against some of the nastier builds out there, including the likes of the Destroyer Lord/6 Wraiths combo.

So this army's already been painted and such.. and already has a tournament record under it's belt. So following it's development at this point in time is kind of a no-no. So whilst the Sisters will probably feature early on, just to show my current tournament army, I want to start writing about the army I'm working on at the moment as it grows and develops in the same way.

So everybody, I will mainly (for now anyway) be following the development of my Ork army! Waaagh! Badklaw is a clan of Blood Axes who're following Warboss Badklaw in his aim of chasing down and beating well known men, elves and other aliens into bloody pulps, and adding to his name when he sees fit (currently calling himself Warboss Badklaw Beakiesmasha due to his efforts in beating up Space Marines). So.. yeah! Coming up will be how the army develops, how the list is currently running, and possibly battle reports in the future!

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