Monday 27 May 2013

Da Pink Snicky Daemons Strike!

So today I had a chance to give my Ork list it's second run out, this time against my friend Matt's Daemons of Slaanesh. I was pretty apprehensive going in on this one, as they're faster, quicker, and all-round more skilled in combat than my Boyz. Still, it proved an opportunity to grab some pictures of the battle in order to post on here. Unfortunately didn't manage to get the full details for a battle report this time, but hopefully the pictures will tell a bit of a story.

 With first turn and typical Blood Axey cunning, my first two shooting phases pretty much took their toll, tearing apart a unit of Seekers on the flank, and effectively neutering a block of 18 Daemonettes. As if this wasn't enough, a unit of Shoota Boyz effectively managed to cripple the Keeper of Secrets.

This was swiftly answered by a massive combined charge from the daemons, effectively tearing a massive hole out of my line and annihilating a full unit of 25 Boyz, the Grotzooka Kans, 2 of my Wartrakks, AND all of my Kannons in a perfectly timed and well coordinated assault

Counter upon counter ensued with the Weirdbot bellowing out to his Boyz to fight harder, sending the Warboss, the Meganobz, the Kans, AND the Boyz unit straight into combat in order to avenge the Boyz unit lost in the Slaaneshi tidal wave.

Towards the end, it was clear that the Orks' sheer weight of firepower counted for everything in the game. The daemons had the final word though, as the Daemon Prince who'd been lurking in the skies all game decided he'd go out with a bang, tearing apart the Nobz mob and sending the remainder of the unit scattering outwards, ignoring the angry shouts of the Warboss.

Final result ended in an Ork win, tabling the Daemons of Slaanesh at the end of turn 4. A very hard fought game, with some spectacular counter attacks from the daemons, persistently watched over by Slaanesh as the warp consistently delivered his thirst turn after turn after turn.

Should hopefully have another game next week, only against Matt's Necrons instead. Full strength tournament army with a LOT of firepower, and troops who don't know when to give up. Hopefully should try and get a proper battle report, as I have a feeling it's going to be a bloody one!!

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