Tuesday 10 September 2013

Lords of Decay

Well it's been a bit of a roller coaster of a month, but needless to say I essentially realised that as fun as the Blood Axes are, the army I've designed is very much a glass cannon capable of smashing holes in things, but fundamentally it only won one game in the space of about 2-3 months!

So I revisited the Death Guard list I was working on a while back. A lot of it worked but the synergy was all wrong... So dropped Typhus, and hybridised it with my 5th ed list, and came up with this little beauty!

The Death Guard before conversions :).

By putting my Plague Marines into their Rhinos, and keeping the Vindicators and Spawn I added into the list, it allowed for a very fast punchy list. Throw in a Lord on bike with the Black Mace, and a Helldrake for anti-flyer/extra killyness, and suddenly a very hard hitting list that synergises brilliantly!

It's game record has been pretty good so far. Won a fair few, lost a couple.. And continuing to get better with it all the time! Only time will tell as to how it'll do at the Throne of Skulls in November! :).

The unit consists of 4 of these chaps, plus a spare for the Spawndom result.
Only downside is I got these guys painted and they're just constantly getting shot up.. Which is annoying! :(.

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