Saturday 8 June 2013

The Fist of Halaak - Starting Skorne

So having been given a chance to play a bit more Warmachine/Hordes in the Forge with some of the other club members who've just started, I'm getting a bit more of a taste for it. Had some small games with my Strakhov Black Operations list (Tier 1/2 at that level), and with other friends considering giving it a proper go with Convergence of Cyriss, and Cryx, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon with a new warband. After looking at stuff around the club/friends, the stuff I like seems to be in abundance. So I looked at Hordes instead, and Skorne caught my eye.

Playing Khador gave me an interesting option of going for a lightning fast warband capable of striking out of nowhere, which after seeing the Winter Guard Death Star over and over again seemed to catch people off guard.
This time I want something different.
Wanting to stick to the infantry theme, I've decided something heavier this time, so I've gone with Tyrant Xerxis as my Warlock, alongside a nice big block of Cataphract Cetrati. They were swiftly backed up by a small unit of Cataphract Arcuarii with some cheeky fishing tricks! Warbeasts-wise I've had to stick to something close-combatty and hard hitting, so straight in with the Titan Gladiator. A quick glance at the tier list made the Bronzeback Titan a no-brainer. 

So that's 3 levels fulfilled.. But the list requires a couple of Venator War Machines to work.. So lets keep this cheap!! Two flayer cannons! :D. Finally with my last few points, a nice big block of Paingiver Beast Handlers to keep my beasts in the fight!

So it's looking like this now at 35 points AND tier 4 :).

Tyrant Xerxis
Bronzeback Titan
Titan Gladiator
5 Cataphract Cetrati w/Leader
3 Cataphract Arcurii w/Leader
5 Paingiver Beast Handlers w/Leader
Venator Flayer Gun Crew
Venator Flayer Gun Crew

Should be fun!!


  1. What benefits do you gain from being tier 4?

    1. My Cataphracts get a bigger UA and come down by a point each. My weapon crews get advance deployment, and my Bronzeback gets a free full advance before the start of the game :).

    2. Damn that could be damaging. Good luck dude.